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Degla Valley Language School administration welcomes all those who wants Join the school  Parents interested in the Admission For the new Academic year 2022-2023 should submit their application through Facebook message to the school official page , to the school reception or through Whats app (01279374785) Appointment will be given for the admission test , followed by an interview with both ; student and his or her parents .

Priority will be given to student with the highest grades

  •  Welcome to outstanding society in Degla School.
  •  Thirty Four years’ experience in education field.
  •  A twenty Four years’ experience in education administration .
  •  A well-qualified teaches using updated technology .
  • An education based on using smart boards and tablets .
  • An international authorized center for teaching ICDL .
  •  An international authorized center for Cambridge Assessment test
  •  An international authorized center for USMAS
  •  An international authorized center for Kangaroo Competition In Math, Science And English
  • CORT curriculum to develop skills

*Scientific engineering projects that devlope students Skills ( Two projects every year in cooperation with specialized engineers .)

ü Programming Diploma divided into three level by using ” SCRATCH” language in cooperation with special programmers .

ü Electronic Interactive book For Teaching English

Electronic Booklets from primary one to prep three .

  •  Outstanding classes in the prep stage .
  •  Using “Tablets” from prep one
  •  Teaching French as second language starts from primary one .
  •  Teaching German from primary four .
  •  Teaching Science from primary one .
  •  High mark in certifications and different activities all over ” Maadi Administration “
  •  Welcome to Degla Valley Language family .